Ever wanted to travel the world but second-guessed yourself? How many excuses can you come up with when you think, "I want to travel the world?" I bet you've used up all the fingers in your hands for the count.
You're not alone, and when it comes to long-term travel, everyone has a dozen reasons why they can't. For people who have never traveled longer than a month they have some misconceptions about Round-The-World travel and what makes it not possible. Here we'll go over the reasons you can't just pull the trigger and take that leap.
The Gap in my Resume Will Put an End to my Career
This is not the 50s through the 80s anymore. There has been a massive paradigm shift in thinking. It is now very common to have quality employees with gaps or massive gaps in their CVs and Resumes. Even hiring managers and potential employers have taken long sabbaticals. The crash in 2008 has left a lot of quality employees with massive gaps in their resumes as well, and they are back in the saddle.
So let's pretend you're a hiring manager. You have two choices in potential hires. One has been collecting unemployment the other traveled around the world collecting experiences and gaining worldly knowledge.One has been sitting at home sucking up on the welfare system while the other may have volunteered to help starving children in Africa, learned a new language, or learned about new cultures that you have never even heard about. Who then would you hire?
The trick with any interviews is to turn a potential negative into a positive. Talk about what you've learned. Talk about how your travels made you a better person and what those experiences you gained traveling brings to the table. Turn potential employers into believers.
It's Very Expensive to Travel, and I Don't Have Enough Money
If you're traveling or "vacationing" for a week or two at a time like the majority of Americans do, then yes it's true. If you compound and add up the expenses for these week(s), you will probably come up with a very high dollar figure that's probably enough to squash your long-term travel dream. But, long-term travel is different than a week vacation.
I Don't Have Time
Time and money are the two biggest excuses people give for not taking an extended trip. Unfortunately, for those of us who live in the US, most of merely, do not have the vacation days to take more than a week or two at a time. While it is not as simple as taking your vacation, you would be shocked at what you might be able to work out with your employers.
Why not ask for an extended leave of absence? It's that simple. You can reason that it's for your mental health. What do you have to lose? If you want to leave your job or to want to change careers, a long-term adventure around the world gives you the freedom that you can't have a 9-5.
It's Too Dangerous to Travel Internationally
Yet all the slate of recent terror attacks you'll see in the media lately about Europe, like cars being driven into a crowd in Las Ramblas, in Barcelona. A trolley being rammed into swathes of people in Nice during Bastille Day.This is still the dumbest statement I've ever heard in my life. This is a myth! Stop watching all the negative news and ignore the stupid media. They exaggerate things to make things worse than they are. You are more likely to be struck by a car in your neighborhood than being mauled by something or somebody overseas.
Read blogs (like these); follow somebody who has been traveling the world on Instagram or Twitter. You will find many people hanging around in these so-called dangerous places reported by the media. Do not let fear dictate what you do in life.