It is no secret that many people prefer to travel on their own when it comes to experiencing new adventures around the world. There are many advantages of approaching your bucket list in this way, especially if you are intending on traveling and exploring the incredible scenes of Southeast Asia. Whatever your summer plans are you should consider the benefits of going on a solo trip; many people have done it and have found it to be one of the most enriching and enlightening experiences of their life. These people go on to travel the world without even needing a friend to tag along with them.
This might just persuade you to do the same thing this summer, no matter what type of person you are. Even if you have the tiniest budget, are lacking in confidence or don't think you've got the guts to hop on a plane on your own, you should seriously consider it. Bursting with an enticing mixture of volcanoes, rice fields, coral reefs and rainforests, Southeast Asia is one of the more accessible regions for independent travel in the entire world.
You could soon be traveling around the stunning sights of Singapore or the unspoiled coasts of Myanmar, with nothing but a huge backpack and it could just be one of the most life-changing times for you. It will open your eyes to a new way of living and appreciate your surroundings. Switch off social media and be present at the moment as you take in the beautiful atmosphere around you. You truly have nothing to lose, so hopefully, you will have the motivation to try it out soon.
Making New Friends For Life
Yes, you probably already have a tonne of friends back home, but it can't hurt to make a few more. When you go away with your current friends or family members it can sometimes limit you from getting to know new people. Embrace the culture and start talking to the local people; often when they see somebody traveling alone they will be more inclined to approach you and speak to you.
There is something intriguing about somebody who is sitting alone in a restaurant or bar, so people will be flocking to make friends with you. You are bound to meet people that become your friends for life, so remain open-minded, go traveling independently and you will be more likely to meet new people.
Fall In Love With Your Own Company
Traveling on your own is one of the best ways to find yourself again. Perhaps recent events have left you feeling a little lost and confused; this would be one of the best ways to discover what you really love. You might just find out things about yourself you never knew. Learning how to survive on your own without the help of anybody else can feel very empowering and you might just learn some new skills along the way. Breaking away from your comfort zone and starting to love who you are again, with be one of the best elements you take away from a solo trip.
Make All Of Your Own Decisions
You won't need to answer to anybody whilst you're traveling alone; you will have full control over your activities and routes. Have a specific plan every day. No need. You can just set off walking one morning and discover something exciting spontaneously. Whether you end up trying your hand at Muay Thai, head to a nighttime barbecue or simply just be present in the middle of nowhere and feel completely free.