California. The most populated state in the United States. Home of the celebrated Hollywood stars. The global trendsetter in entertainment, economics, politics, and technology. The Golden State. But it's got an eerie disposition. It houses some haunted places.With so many things to laud about California, it is no wonder that it is in the front line of tourism in the U.S. Even paranormal experts would agree to it. The state is also known for its many mysterious places for people who love spooky adventures.
Bodie is the most well-preserved ghost town in California, and the "ghost" is not just a moniker, it truly is a haunted place. Located on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Mono County, Bodie towers above 8379 ft above sea level. Founded during the California Gold Rush, Bodie became a thriving boomtown in 1879 and reached a population of almost 7,000 inhabitants.
Today, Bodie is in a state of arrested decay and a real Wild West ghost town. Tales of real ghost encounters dominate the backdrop as apparitions wander the alleyways and hallways in well-preserved 18th-century homes. The town's evil past doesn't help with things either as it was once home to various outlaws and gunslingers.
Battery Point Lighthouse
Located in Crescent City, California, this lighthouse was built in 1856. Various spookish stories have been reported hereafter. It surpassed the big tsunami that hit Northern California in 1964.Paranormal investigators say resident ghosts are living in the lighthouse - two adults and one child ghost. Some workers and guests inside the lighthouse also say that they had heard stomping sounds around the area, as well as reports of items mysteriously moving to a new location such as slippers, rocking chairs moving on their own, and feeling that someone simultaneously touching them even when no one was around.
Hollywood Sign
The Hollywood Sign, formerly known as the Hollywoodland Sign, is an of the most prominent landmark and cultural icons in the United States. HOLLYWOOD is spelt out in white capital letters in 45-foot (*13.7 m) tall and 350 feet (106.7 m) long.
Similar to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the famous Hollywood Sign is also known for its famous ghost, Peg Entwistle. Peg Entwistle was an actress who jumped from the letter H of the Hollywood Sign and died due to depression and career failure in September 1932. A Mount Lee hiker only found Peg's body the next day. However, it was not the last time she was seen in the area. Her ghost is known to wander around the vicinity of the famous landmark.
Known as the "supermax" federal prison, Alcatraz (which means "strange birds" or pelicans), is a famous security prison in San Francisco Bay. Many tourists today visit the prison because of its haunted history. It is known as one of the cruelest and most inhumane prisons in the United States during its prime.
Alcatraz was initially a fort in 1850 but later became an official U.S. military prison in 1907 until 1933. Paranormal investigators believe that the spirits of the tortured prisoners in Alcatraz are seeking revenge.