Hiking Gear List
From National Parks to local trails, hiking is a great pastime and one of our favorites. It's cheap and free most of the time, and about anyone can enjoy it. There are many trails to tackle and fit for almost every age and fitness level. It's also more fun if you have the right equipment, so having a "hiking gear list" is a must.
Wandering off into the great outdoors and on foot is very relaxing. It's an excellent escape from everyday life. But hiking is an adventure full of surprises. And as such, you should be prepared; whether you're climbing mountains or trekking through the desert.
What to Bring Hiking?
From protection to food, you want to be ready for anything. What you pack in your backpack can help or ruin your fun. Your safety and comfort should be your top priority and then have fun after. So set yourself up for a happy, healthy hike.
You'll be grateful you were prepared, especially when an item comes in handy or saves your life. It just takes a little time and effort. And there are items available in every price range. But where do you even start with a packing list? We have rounded up a hiking gear list to bring hiking with you. They are helpful when setting off on any hike. From large to small, each one serves a specific purpose.
Layers of Clothing
Extra clothing is always an important thing to include in your backpack. Your specific environment will govern what you need to pack. But you want to be ready for anything mother nature brings your way. The best weathermen can get the forecast wrong. So dressing in layers is your best bet. And include a jacket in your backpack in case the temperature drops. It's best to be prepared for anything. You may end up being out longer than expected, and a cool night comes.
Protection from the Elements
Depending on the weather, you need different items to protect yourself from the elements. It's essential to be prepared for whatever weather comes your way. Fortunately, these items are lightweight. This makes it easier for you to be prepared.
Adequate Hydration
Water is so vital to staying healthy on a hike. You don't want to find yourself dehydrated halfway through a long hike. You might be surprised at how thirsty you become. So planning ahead is essential. Check the maps of your hiking area. Is there drinking water accessible? Water is heavy, so this gives you the option to lighten your load. Plan your route so you can stop at filling stations to replenish your water bottle.
Directional Tools
Even the most experienced hikers can veer off their path and get lost. It's essential to make sure you have the tools to get back on course. They can also make it easier to find help if you need it. Fortunately, there are many options.
Make sure to print or pick up a map of the area before setting out. In the event of failed reception, you won't be able to bring one up. Check where you are located on your map often to stay oriented. And keep it somewhere safe and dry in your backpack.