Grampians National Park: A Road Trip And Breath Of Fresh Air

The Grampians National Park seems to have come up in many conversations since I moved to Victoria a few years ago. Friends at university frequently spoke positively about the Jurassic-esque scenery, plethora of walks, and never-ending sunsets. To be honest, it sounded like a slice of my beautiful home of Tasmania right here in the mainland, and presented itself as the refresher I needed after some intense weeks of placement. When we were brainstorming places to go for the long weekend, it was the place that kept topping the lists.
MacKenzie Falls
You can either walk to the base or the lookout for MacKenzie Falls, both of which are spectacularly beautiful. The cascades are immensely popular (for a reason). If you're here in the warmer months, people like to visit MacKenzie Falls to cool down after a day of hiking.
Boroka Lookout
Boroka Lookout is the most popular sunrise spot in the Grampians with views of Lake Bellfield, Mount William, and more. The walk is incredibly short and easy so this means you will most likely be sharing the vista with a sizable number of people. There is a rock platform which looks just like a seat, making it a cool - albeit kinda scary - place to watch the sun come up.
Mount Sturgeon (Wurgarri)
As I said, we didn't manage to actually do the Mount Sturgeon walk because it was too hot but the mountain itself looks stunning. It is the first thing on our list to do upon our return. This walk sounds more challenging, however the panoramic views look phenomenal. Bushwalking experience is recommended as this walk has water crossings and rock scrambling.
Mount Abrupt (Mud-Dadjug)
Same thing goes with Mount Abrupt: it's a stunning looking mountain and walk which we have high on our next agenda. The views from Mount Abrupt are touted as some of the best in the whole park. This walk is not as tricky as Mount Sturgeon and provides wonderful vistas over Serra Range.
The Balconies
The Balconies is another incredibly popular spot in the Grampians. It is easy to reach and the rock platforms really are something special. The Balconies are stunning at any time of the day but the colours and view really peaks at sunset. The views over Victoria Valley are something you cannot miss when in the Grampians. We didn't visit the Balconies for sunrise but have heard that it can also be quite atmospheric.
The Pinnacle
The Pinnacle is a spectacular place, and I mean truly spectacular. There is a beautiful viewing platform which overlooks valleys and cliff faces. The Pinnacle is stunning at any time of day, but if you can brave it with head torches, it would be spectacular in the morning/evening light.
Reeds Lookout
Reeds Lookout is at the same carpark as the Balconies and has a near identical view over Victoria Valley. There are some viewing platforms from the carpark, but I would recommend walking up the small hill to the right past the building where there are boulders. These boulders have spectacular views and they are way less crowded than the Balconies.