During my time in Europe, none was more memorable than the times I've spent driving around and exploring the Lofoten Islands in Norway. I've scaled a couple of peaks on multi-day treks such as the Reinebringen Peak and the Hermannsdalstinden Summit.
Since I had a car, I also managed to explore the villages and various localities in the area. This part of Norway is not short on amazing vistas. Complete with soaring granite peaks and rustic fishing villages, like Nusfjord, along its coast.
One such village is called Nusfjord, and it is one of the oldest and well-preserved fishing villages in the Lofoten Islands. Most buildings in the village date all the way back from the 1800s and early 1900s. Uncovered by archaeologist are also early traces of industrial fishing in Norway - Indeed, this fishing harbor has been in use for centuries. Today, Nusfjord village is an open-air museum, complete with a cod liver refinery, fish market, and stores that sell various collections of historical artifacts.
Nusfjord, A Blast From The Past
The Village was once a busy fishing harbor where the cod liver factory was producing oil that was used for medicine and paint. There's also a smokehouse where Salmon and other fish were smoked. There's a bakery that's still baking bread since its inception in 1877. A red boathouse, also built in 1877, was utilized for storing fishing equipment like nets and tanning vessels - now also part of the museum. Up the hill aways is powerhouse built in 1905 that once provided power for the village and other fishing operations machinery.
I knew nothing of this fishing village and by curiosity, stumbled upon it from my adventures in Norway. During my stay in one of the hostels in Ă…lesund, I met a German traveler, Andreas, who eventually led me to Nusfjord. He found out that I was going to drive my way to the Lofoten Islands.
Andreas was on route to ride his motorcycle all the way to the Nordkapp (near Lofoten), which is the furthest most tip of the European continent. Of course, being an avid motorcycle fan myself, we had a lot to talk about. When it was time to part ways, we exchanged numbers. Just in case we would run into each other in the Lofoten Islands.
Nusfjord, a Little Gem in Lofoten
So I followed him all the way to the Village, and that's how I discovered this little gem in the Lofoten Archipelago. For most people who do their research, this place is probably thought of as a tourist trap. The village does seem to really cater to tourists with all the modern amenities you can find and many tours and gift shops offering their wares.