If you are thinking of taking a tour around the United States, then it is likely that you are already dividing it up in your head into the different states that you would like to check out. This is generally the easiest way to go and to ensure that you are going to get to see as much of the country as possible. One of the amazing things about the U.S. is how diverse it is as a place. You can see a whole range of different kinds of places across its vast expanse.
No matter what kind of cityscapes, landscapes you desire to see or people you would like to meet. You will almost certainly find them somewhere in the country. But, it is worth thinking about which states are worth traveling to first so that you can be sure of seeing the main sights first and foremost. I'm sure every person in every state in the U.S. will have a thing or two to say about their own state. So I'm here to help you sort that all out because there are well over 50 (if you also count the territories) places to check out in the United States. Let's take a look at some of the best states to put at the top of your bucket list.
New York
You really can't travel around the US and overlook New York state (especially NY city - it is the quintessential modern American city). Of course, everyone knows the city well, and that has to be one of the main reasons to visit the state too. However, there is much more to the state of New York than first meets the eye. You will easily be able to spend a long time in the city itself for yourself or even find plenty of things do with kids. You will find that it is hugely entertaining and one of the cultural highlights of the world. But on its borders, outside the city walls, you will also find plenty to be getting on with too.
Going much further south, you will also find another interesting state - Arizona. You might not have heard as much about Arizona as some other states. The truth is that it is one of the most beautiful parts of the country and there also happens to be a great variety in the kinds of activities you can carry out there.
Whether you want to just chill out and relax at Havasu Falls or you are looking to have a little more of a wild time, you will be able to find it all here. You can pop over to the old city of Sedona, known for its many spiritual gurus, and get to experience a little of the New Age side of the country. Or if you prefer, you could just while away the days traveling through its many deserts - just remember to pack your bag well first and take plenty of water.
Probably the number one reason for visiting Illinois is the famous city of Chicago, and as it happens this is definitely still one of the absolute top spots anywhere in the US, and almost in the entire world. So what exactly does Chicago have to offer? For a start, one of the most vibrant nightlife of anywhere in the world, with so many different kinds of music and performance venues that you will feel spoilt for choice.
You can also expect to be able to gorge yourself on some of its famous pizza, arguably the best in the US, or try out its amazing coffee. For any showstopping tour of the US, you absolutely have to make sure that you visit Chicago, and it's still definitely the best that Illinois has to offer.