Bratislava Travel Guide: A City Of Contrast

Bratislava wasn't a place that was originally on my Eastern Europe itinerary, but the intrigue of a city with such a stark contrast of new and old, was too much and I booked the train. It has a unique mixture of medieval, Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings, intersected by brutal Communist architecture which makes it an interesting city to wander. The compact city of Bratislava has only been Slovakia's capital since the country received independence in 1993. Often the Slovakian capital is visited as a day trip from nearby Vienna, but the city has a lot to offer travellers wanting to... Read More


The first question you'll need to ask yourself when planning your visit to Tokyo is whether you want to stick to the traditional tourist routes. There are plenty of opportunities for travelers to take a break from the ordinary and get off the beaten path, spend a few moments considering the following options before you decide what you want to get out of your time in Tokyo. Thousands Of Waving Cats You may think you should be heading for the temple in the morning but you need to head for the right one. Gotoku-Ji in the South East section of Tokyo is known as the temple of beckoning cats.Take a visit and enjoy the history and architecture but you'll be most amazed by the thousands of white Maneki-Neko, that's the waving cat which is considered to be lucky. Shimokitazawa This area is famous for the impressive vintage shops, numerous bars, and the laid-back vibe. In fact, it is a Bohemian paradise and one that shouldn't be missed. It's only a few stops from Shinjuku and gives you... Read More


The geographic and climatic variety of Georgia makes it an all-season country to visit. Georgian people are fortunate to be living in this fertile edge of the Caucasus. Located at the conjuncture of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Georgia has always been a beautiful land. Georgian call their country Sakartvelo, "Kartveli" means Georgian in their language. So welcome to the beautiful area of Kartvelian people! Where is Georgia? The Black sea is to the west, Russia to the north, and Turkey & Armenia to the south. Tbilisi is the Capital city of Georgia and the largest. A powerful Georgian... Read More

Grampians National Park: A Road Trip And Breath Of Fresh Air

The Grampians National Park seems to have come up in many conversations since I moved to Victoria a few years ago. Friends at university frequently spoke positively about the Jurassic-esque scenery, plethora of walks, and never-ending sunsets. To be honest, it sounded like a slice of my beautiful home of Tasmania right here in the mainland, and presented itself as the refresher I needed after some intense weeks of placement. When we were brainstorming places to go for the long weekend, it was the place that kept topping the lists. THINGS TO DO IN THE GRAMPIANS MacKenzie Falls You can... Read More


Hiking Gear List From National Parks to local trails, hiking is a great pastime and one of our favorites. It's cheap and free most of the time, and about anyone can enjoy it. There are many trails to tackle and fit for almost every age and fitness level. It's also more fun if you have the right equipment, so having a "hiking gear list" is a must. Wandering off into the great outdoors and on... Read More

Krakow Guide: Exploring Poland's Cultural Capital

Krakow is straight out of a fairytale. The medieval architecture adds to the sense of history here. When you look beneath the surface there is much to be explored in Krakow. Krakow was originally the Polish capital back in 1038 and since then has traded hands numerous times. Having survived world wars, kingdoms, and partitions, it is no wonder that Krakow is steeped in history.A fact that I... Read More


California. The most populated state in the United States. Home of the celebrated Hollywood stars. The global trendsetter in entertainment, economics, politics, and technology. The Golden State. But it's got an eerie disposition. It houses some haunted places.With so many things to laud about California, it is no wonder that it is in the front line of tourism in the U.S. Even paranormal experts... Read More

Phillip Island

Phillip Island is a rugged and popular destination about an hour and a half south of Melbourne. Known for its array of spectacular Australian wildlife, pristine stretches of beach, jagged stone cliffs (and for being the home town of the Hemsworths), this tiny island packs a punch. We couldn't wait to check it out and recharge! BEST THINGS TO DO ON PHILLIP ISLAND It is hard to narrow it down as Phillip Island has coastal trails, artisanal food, and plenty of beach. During our time on Phillip Island we were only able to squeeze so much in, so I'll list our favourites here and mention some activities we would love to come back for. However, the main takeaway from our time on the island was to sit and enjoy the sheer beauty of our surroundings. There was geological beauty in abundance and plenty of friendly wildlife to share it with. Getting back to basics, and enjoying looking out over the Bass Strait with the sea breeze blowing was rejuvenation enough. HIKE CAPE WOOLAMAI As the... Read More

Shifen Day Trip From Taipei

Shifen is a small town about an hour outside of Taipei with a unique old town surrounding the railway. The tracks of the old coal train run straight through Shifen and are used today for passenger trains like the one you'll catch. It's pretty cool to see a train pass through the town market, and the experience is similar to Maeklong in Thailand. SEE SHIFEN WATERFALLS My number one thing to do in Shifen is to set eyes on the waterfalls. Getting to the waterfalls is super simple and very well signed throughout the town. A gentle 20 minute walk from the town, you eventually reach the... Read More

St Gallen Travel Guide

It isn't often that you find a Swiss city that encompasses all areas of Swiss life; however, St. Gallen may be the answer that you are searching for. Not only does it offer a wide variety of historical attractions, it is also offers beauty beyond anything found in many European cities. It is well worth the associated travel time and can supply you with your fix of everything that Switzerland offers. This is largely due to its gorgeous old town, which includes delicately painted oriel windows and variety of historical timber houses. This side of Switzerland is otherwise unseen and largely forgotten by thousands of tourists every year who prefer seeing the 'big ticket items' such as Lauterbrunnen, the Matterhorn and the southern Alps. If you want an authentic Swiss experience, a visit to St. Gallen is perfect. History and Culture St. Gallen's history extends all the way back to around 612 AD, when the Irish missionary monk Gallus founded a hermitage where the city now stands. The... Read More


Port Townsend is a seaport town punctuated with beautiful Victorian Era mansions and amazing views of the Puget Sound. It sits in the Northeastern tip of Washington's Olympic Peninsula's amazing coastline. I often pass by the town on my way to Olympic National Park with only a gleaming thought to explore it but never got around to (until now). On what was to be an overcast, rainy day, my wife and I (accompanied by our pup Lucky), decided it was a good day to check it out. We're currently headquartered in Bellevue, Washington and the drive to the remote town is about 2 hours. You can reach it either way by taking the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry or driving south through Tacoma and then taking Highway 16 and three north. No matter which route you choose to take, the course is similar in... Read More


Ever wanted to travel the world but second-guessed yourself? How many excuses can you come up with when you think, "I want to travel the world?" I bet you've used up all the fingers in your hands for the count. You're not alone, and when it comes to long-term travel, everyone has a dozen reasons why they can't. For people who have never traveled longer than a month they have some misconceptions about Round-The-World travel and what makes it not possible. Here we'll go over the reasons you can't just pull the trigger and take that leap. The Gap in my Resume Will Put an End to my Career This is not the 50s through the 80s anymore. There has been a massive paradigm shift in thinking. It is now very common to have quality employees with gaps or massive gaps in their CVs and... Read More

Visiting Auschwitz Concentration Camp

It was a grey and rainy day in Krakow, Poland when I decided to jump on a local bus and head to Auschwitz. It is a place I learned a lot about in books and history classes. I thought I was prepared for what I was going to see and feel because of how much I had heard about Auschwitz.It is conceivably the most poignant image of suffering in World War II, and perhaps in the world itself. Standing... Read More

Wanaka Walks That Aren't Roy's Peak

When we were in Wanaka we were weighing up whether to do the track. It is undeniably breathtaking and, as a blogger, it seemed weird turning my back on a photo op which is the backbone of NZ Instagram content. But the reason we came to NZ was to escape, get back to nature, and do things based on what we enjoy rather than Instagram. So the decision was made for us and we sought out alternatives. Although the view at the top of Roy's Peak is jaw dropping, the walk itself is back and forth up a hillside so it's not terribly interesting. One of the things we wanted to seek in the alternatives... Read More